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Welcome To Pocono Community Pharmacy

Our staff pay close attention to their own health as well as their clients. Pocono Community Pharmacy provides professional services and up-to-date knowledge to satisfy patients’ needs.



We provide vaccination against measles, rubella, COVID-19.  Contact us for professional consultation.

Medical Adherence

Medical Adherence

Education courses to increase awareness of medication importance.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

A very sensitive topic for man that is normal to discuss. Our professional consultants will help you to feel for comfortable talking about your concerns and provide a useful solution.

Free delivery

Free delivery

For your convenience, we offer free delivery nearby Brodheadsville area. Contact us to find out exact price for delivery to your address.


team of doctors

Very reliable pharmacy. Liked the new multi-pack option.

Ozcan, E.

I have diabetes for over 12 years, and this is the pharmacy I have been using for last 5. Enjoying the service.

Olivia, K.

I have recently switched to Pocono because I was not enjoying the delivery options in other pharmacies. They can be costly. Free delivery in Pocono was the game changer for me.

Elliot, S.

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