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If you are looking for an affordable treatment for erectile dysfunction, consider Tadacip. This is a generic medication that contains tadalafil as its active ingredient and it has proved to be quite effective with a success rate of more than 70%. Tadalafil works for longer periods of time compared to the other 5-phosphodiesterase inhibitors – namely, sildenafil and vardenafil. This has made it the most commonly prescribed ED medication in many parts of the world.

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Available dosage Tadacip forms and strengths
Name Dosage forms Strengths
Brand-name Tadalafil Citrate Tablet 20mg

Tadacip vs Cialis – Does Tadacip Work?

Tadacip and brand-name Cialis are regularly compared online for many reasons. Tadacip is a generic version and as you would expect, consumers are curious to know how it compares to Cialis in terms of potency, safety and effectiveness.

Tadacip is not just a no-name generic. It is a product of a large pharma company – 4th largest in India, in fact. Cipla Limited currently produces hundreds of drugs, many of which have been approved by the FDA. Tadacip is a dependable erectile dysfunction remedy because it contains the same active ingredient in exactly the same concentration as the brand name Cialis. In summary, Tadacip does actually work and it is just as good as the brand name drug.

One of the stark contrasts between Tadacip and the brand name Cialis is the pricing. Tadacip will only cost you a fraction of the brand name drug’s price. This is because the generic manufacturer did not have to spend millions on developing the drug and then millions more to bring it to the market. Therefore, the lower price of Tadacip is not at the expense of quality or efficacy – Cipla simply spends less on manufacturing it, hence the lower shelf price.

Cipla Tadacip Price

A pill of Tadacip 20mg goes for an average of $1. Plus, you can always get a better deal when buying larger packages because many sellers offer bulk discounts. There is little price difference between online and physical stores. For the online shops, you might have to cater for the shipping costs although the convenience makes up for it.

On the other hand, the price of the brand name Cialis is around $10 for every 20 mg tablet and sometimes even higher. Buying Cialis out of pocket can be quite costly but it would be of huge help if your insurance provider covers erectile dysfunction treatment.

author: Harry, RPH


I heard about Tadacip a few months ago. At first, I was reluctant to try it but I was curious about tadalafil because of its long duration of action. I did some reading and finally decided to try it. Things have changed for the better ever since. I have achieved great results with Tadacip and I am definitely going to use it for a long time to come because, in addition to those great results, it hasn’t caused any major side effects. I only experienced a headache a couple of times at first but that’s been gone for a while now.

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Mon Nov 29 2021 14:24:12

At some point, I only used brand name Cialis. I could clearly tell it was kind of overpriced but I was also making good money then. However, a moment came when I needed to prioritize spending and that was when I opted for Tadacip. It proved to be just as good, if not better. From then on, Tadacip has been my preferred medication. I even talked to a doctor recently and he had nothing against the drug. I can confidently recommend Tadacip to anyone looking for an affordable medication for erectile dysfunction.

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Fri Dec 03 2021 15:32:32