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Premature ejaculation, a form of sexual dysfunction, is a common ailment among men with at least 20% of male population suffering from it. Overall, 30-40% of men report experiencing premature ejaculation at least once in their lifetime. Are you one of these people? Have you suffered from PE in silence? Well, suffer no more! Try Priligy pills 30 mg today and see the results yourself.

Does Priligy Work?

Priligy contains dapoxetine as the active ingredient. Multiple clinical experiments and trials have shown a 3x increase in intravaginal ejaculatory latency in patients treated with this medication. To put it in simple terms, participants using Priligy last at least 3 times longer than those on placebo. Another encouraging study shows that 70% of the patients using dapoxetine and their life partners rated their sexual experience as satisfactory while the number was only 10% before starting the treatment.

Available dosage Generic Priligy forms and strengths
Name Dosage forms Active ingredient Strengths Price
Brand-name Duratia / Poxet Tablet Dapoxetine 30mg $2.00
Brand-name Duratia / Poxet Tablet Dapoxetine 60mg $3.00
Brand-name Duratia / Poxet Tablet Dapoxetine 90mg $4.00

Dosage & Side Effects

The recommended dosage is one 30 mg pill taken twice a day. The effects of Priligy wear off after cessation so you have to take it continuously. Side effects are extensively studied and usually range from mild to moderate. The most common of them include diarrhea, insomnia, vertigo, headaches and nausea.

Where to Buy Priligy?

Priligy is approved and easily available in the European Union, South America and Asia. Depending on a country’s medical legislation, you might need to acquire a doctor’s prescription to purchase Priligy pills. In Canada and USA, Priligy is still pending approval by Health Canada and the FDA respectively, therefore, you cannot purchase it from any local pharmacy.

If dapoxetine is not available in your country or you are not comfortable buying it from a local pharmacy, you always have the option to order it online. Many websites sell Priligy pills or generic dapoxetine. However, we strongly advise you to buy it from our online drugstore because we sell Priligy and other dapoxetine-based medications from reliable manufacturers and offer very competitive prices.

author: Harry, RPH


I wasn’t your typical gone in 30 seconds kind of guy but I was never the stamina champion either. Before I started using Priligy, I could last 5 minutes at best. This is not something I am very proud of nor is this my idea of having a good time in bed.
However, for the last 6 months I have been using Priligy and let me tell you, I am a totally different man. Don’t believe me? Ask my wife! My only regret is finding this magic pill relatively late.

[email protected]****.com

Fri Sep 24 2021 13:11:22

FDA has made an enemy out of me for not approving dapoxetine. I mean, wtf, it’s effective, it’s safe, it does what it’s supposed to do, what else do they want? It also blows that the insurance doesn’t cover it, even though it's not that expensive! Even Viagra is covered for God’s sake!
Sorry for the rant – now back to Priligy. Damn! It works wonders for you. I was THE biggest loser when it came to women but now thanks to dapoxetine, I am a champion in bed regardless of the fact that I will be turning 40 this year.

[email protected]****.com

Wed Nov 24 2021 23:12:02